Our 9 Race calendar!

Please remember that we will have a main and a sprint race each weekend. The Qualifying will decide the starting lineup for the main race. In the sprint race we will start with the Qualifying grid in reverse!

Schedule for each weekend:

All times are in the german time zone (+1)!

7:50pm: Go online and open GTSport
7:55pm: Enter into our lobby

8pm-8:40pm: Qualifying for main race
8:45pm-9:30pm: MAIN RACE

9:30pm-9:45pm: Short break
9:45pm-10:10pm: SPRINT RACE

Race 1/2: Interlagos 🇧🇷

October 12th
Main Race: 24 laps (4:45pm Cloudy)
Sprint Race: 14 laps (4:45pm Cloudy)

Race 3/4: Suzuka 🇯🇵

October 19th
Main Race: 18 laps (3:45 Sunny) 
Sprint Race: 11 laps (3:45 Sunny) 

Race 5/6: Brands Hatch 🇬🇧

October 26th
Main Race: 28 laps (6:15pm Sunny)
Sprint Race: 16 laps (6:15pm Sunny) 

Race 7/8: Red Bull Ring 🇦🇹

November 2nd 
Main Race: 25 laps (6:15pm Sunny)
Sprint Race: 14 laps (6:15pm Sunny) 

Race 9/10: Le Mans 🇫🇷

November 9th 
Main Race: 9 laps (3pm Sunny) 
Sprint Race: 5 laps (3pm Sunny) 

Race 11/12: Nürburgring 24H 🇩🇪

November 16th
Main Race: 4 laps (5pm Sunny) 
Sprint Race: 3 laps (5pm Sunny)

Race 13/14: Blue Moon Infield A 🇺🇸

November 23rd 
Main Race: 32 laps (4pm Cloudy)
Sprint Race: 18 laps (4pm Cloudy) 

Race 15/16: Lago Maggiore Short 🇮🇹

November 30th
Main Race: 28 laps (11:30am Sunny)
Sprint Race: 16 laps (11:30am Sunny)

Race 17/18: Monza 🇮🇹

December 7th 
Main Race: 22 laps (8am Sunny)
Sprint Race: 12 laps (8am Sunny) 

Race 19/20: Bathurst 🇦🇺

December 14th
Main Race: 18 laps (5pm Sunny)
Sprint Race: 12 laps (5pm Sunny)