1: Which kind of cars would you like to drive next season?

This has clearly been the closest result of our poll. I can confirm that we will race GT3‘s or Super GT‘s next season. After the final race I will present you some of my ideas and you will have to choose between these two car classes. 

I‘m glad that the majority of you enjoys our new Qualifying format. We will definitely use it next season as well. 
In my opinion the „30 minute of free Qualifying“ format gets really boring because every league uses it. 

The tire wear and the fuel consumption will be set to x3 for the next season as well. I have the same opinion like the majority of you, it offers a lot of strategy opportunities and it‘s perfect for our league. 

The penalty system will be a bit stricter for next season in order to avoid possible incidents. 

We will have a longer main and a shorter sprint race next season. I still haven’t decided if we will use the starting lineup in reverse or the points standings in reverse ... will let you know.

6: Should fictional tracks be part of our schedule?

Fictional tracks will be part of our schedule for season 8 but a few of them might be replaced by real tracks if more of them will come out soon. 

Season 8 will probably feature ten races (the schedule will be released closer to the start of the season).

8: What did you like/dislike?

You guys like ...*
- Great Racing (has been listed several times)
- Mostly respectful 
- Highlights on YouTube
- Enjoyable experience 
- Default setups
- Close Racing 
- New Qualifying format

„Best championship I‘ve been a part of“.

You guys dislike ...*
- Default Setups
- Slight adjustments to the sprint race (Lenght / Starting Lineup) 
- Strict penalty points

„ A few dodgy drivers who can be more careful“.

*please note: some facts have been listed several times so I only wrote them down once. 

Thanks for taking part of the survey! 
I really appreciate your opinions a lot. Let‘s hope that season 8 will be even better 😊👍