Always respect these rules!

Racing Rules:

1.1Itis strictly forbidden to bump / hit other drivers
1.2 It is forbidden to force other drivers off the track
1.3 Reckless Dive Bombs are strictly forbidden 
1.4 If you wreck someone intentionally you will immediately get a race ban

2.1 Even through penalties are on „weak“ drivers must respect the track limits 
2.2 It is strictly forbidden to block someone during the Qualifying session 
2.3 Drivers are only allowed to move once when they try to defend themselves from another driver 
2.4 Once you‘ve went off the circuit, you must reenter the track in a safe way. 
2.5 You need to respect the blue flags when you will get lapped

Note: Sometimes it requires a screenshot or a short video clip for me to decide on possible penalty points. 

Penalty Points

Every driver starts with 0 points. If a driver disrespects one of our rules I can give him up to 5 penalty points. Once somebody reaches 3 penalty points, the driver will get a grid penalty. After an incident, I (FGRacing0610) can decide how many points you will get. 
You can find the penalty points for each driver below

Penalty points: 
chickenguy02 (3) | 2x 1.1 + 1.2 
GTP_Big-Dane (3) | 3x 1.1 
diemann (2) | 1.1 + 1.2
wtr190788793 | 2x 1.2
f-stracke27 (1) | 1.1
mijep (1) | 1.1
MisileMike (1) | 1.2 

If you’ve reached one of these numbers you will be penalised: 
3 PP = Stop & Go Penalty for main race
6 PP = Tail end of Qualifying grid for both races
8 PP = Race Ban

PP = Penalty Point(s)

Further rules:

- Be kind to one another, respect each other
- Finish the race, no rage quits!!!
- Make sure to have a stable internet connection 
- We will have two restarts if drivers can’t move off the line. Each of those who can’t move at the beginning of the race should quit the lobby and then rejoin. 
If there are still 3 or more people who can’t move after the 2nd attempt, we will have a final 3rd try (if 1 or 2 drivers can’t move we will continue on racing without them I’m afraid). Once the bug is still present after those tries, we will have to create a new lobby and try it again. 
- If I get disconnected and the race gets cancelled then we will have the following rules: 
 A) 75% or more of the race complete -> Race will be called official; no restart
 B) Less than 75% completed -> restart with the amount of laps that were left when I got kicked (standing start)
- If the servers are down we will wait until 8:45pm for PlayStation to fix them. If they can’t do it in time, we will have to cancel the race and race at the upcoming weekend