Each race works like this:

The 11 most important steps:

Step 1: Go online and open GTSport at least 5 minutes before the race

Step 2: Look for the lobby at 7:58pm (Lobby Name: FG League Race XX) and join 

Step 3: Wait for everyone to join the lobby 

Step 4: Once I text “go” into our chat, run a very fast laptime in our 12 minute Qualifying 1 session 

Step 5: Once I text “stop” at the end of Q1, go back to the pits and see if you’ve advanced to Q2

Step 6: Run a very fast laptime in the Single Car Qualifying Session If you’ve advanced 

Step 7: Wait for the race to start (in the meantime I create the starting lineup)

Step 8: Finish the mainrace 

Step 9: 10 Minute break 

Step 10: Finish the sprintrace 

Step 11: Our Racing weekend is over; leave the lobby and train for the next race

New Qualifying Format: