Welcome to „FG Championships“

Are you looking for some great racing with other quick drivers? Then you are on the right place! I‘m hosting league races since January 2016 and my community keeps growing. We are racing on all sorts of tracks in GTSport with different car categories. Each Friday I host a two and a half hour event including a Qualifying session (two rounds) and two races (main & sprint). You need some serious skill and some good concentration in order to prevail in our league. Are you ready for a challenge? If yes, welcome to „FG Championships“ 😄🏁

Season 8: Back to GT3 racing!

- 16 drivers / 8 teams
- 13 cars to choose from (Vantage; R8; M6; Corvette; Viper; 458; NSX; Huracan; RCF; 650S AMG; GTR; 911 RSR)
- each car is available four times -> maximum of two teams can use the same car 
- setups will be allowed; BOP will be turned on

You want to have a full time ride? Make sure to look for a teammate and let me know who it is. Don‘t choose your car yet! We‘ll choose cars once we will have a full grid of 16 drivers. 

You‘ve missed the race and you want to catch up to all the action? Check out my YouTube account to see all the highlights: