Welcome to „FG Championships“

Are you looking for some great racing with other quick drivers? Then you are on the right place! I‘m hosting league races since January 2016 and my community keeps growing a lot. We are racing on all sorts of race tracks in GTSport with different car categories. Each Friday I host a two and a half hour event including a Qualifying session (two rounds) and two races (main & sprint). You need some serious skill and some good concentration in order to prevail in our league. Are you ready for a challenge? If yes, welcome to „FG Championships“ 😄🏁

Monza Preview

Date: June 29th
Main Race: 19 laps (3pm)
Sprint Race: 14 laps (3pm)
Tire Wear: 4️⃣ / 🔟 *
Fuel Consumption: 9️⃣ / 🔟 *
Fuel Window: 10-12 laps
Previous Winners: FGRacing0610 (Main) / chickenguy02 (Sprint)

* the tire wear and the fuel consumption is set to x3. The x/10 graphic just shows the amount of tire wear and fuel consumption each track has. 

Round 13/14: Boomtown beats FGRacing in classic “Döttinger Höhe” duel

Pole Sitter: chickenguy02 
Main Race Winner: chickenguy02 
Sprint Race Winner: Mr_BOOMTOWN__

Round 11/12: Three in a row for NV Motorsports

Pole Sitter: OCM_uk
Main Race Winner: OCM_uk
Sprint Race Winner: vallie1234