Huge slipstream battles at monza!

Main Race: 
During the Qualifying session FGRacing0610 was able to set the fastest time in order to secure his first pole position of the season! But unfortunately he lost the lead right after the start, both Aston Martin drivers went by him and led the early stages of the race. Behind them an accident ended ArcasGt3’s race early. The championship leader chickenguy02 ran 4th for the majority of the race. After a few laps “FG” was capable of repassing his rivals and he led the race until the pitstops. FLAECKI67’s undercut didn’t work but his teammate was able to pass the Nissan driver in the pitlane. Diemann was able to “undercut” chickenguy02 before having an intense fight with his mate. Up front FlipFlip1 was able to pull away because FGRacing0610 and FLAECKI67 were fighting hard for P2. But with three laps to go the leader came to pit road - he almost ran out of fuel. FGRacing0610 was able to win his 2nd race of the season in front of FLAECKI67 and FlipFlip1, who was able to repass chickenguy02 in the final lap for third. Diemann finished 5th in from of his teammate XHugMeX, antz1980 and alfotron. 

Sprint Race: 
Unfortunately the sprint race started with a few little incidents which led to a bunch of spins. A combination between skill and luck brought chickenguy02 up front. He was able to overtake Ecki1987 for the lead just 4 laps into the race. The two Aston Martin teammates fought hard against each other which eventually allowed FGRacing0610 to close in and overtake both. The Nissan driver was capable of cutting down the gap to chickenguy02 to 3s but it wasn’t enough. Chickenguy02 gets a super important win in front of FGRacing0610 and FLAECKI67. His title rival finished 4th after an accident with one of the Dodges. DriftKingHenrik finished 5th in front of ArcasGt3 

XHugMeX gets his first career win ... finally!

Main Race: 
Diemann was able to secure his 2nd pole in a row in front of chickenguy02, XHugMeX and FGRacing0610. After getting a great start the pole sitter unfortunately made a huge mistake which immediately cost him 3 spots. He never really recovered from that incident because he was in a big fighting pack together with FLAECKI67, FGRacing0610, f-stracke27 and alfotron. FlipFlip1 took advantage of that and he was running 3rd right after the first couple of laps. XHugMeX was chasing the point standings leader chickenguy02 for a couple of laps and he eventually was able to get by him after an amazing battle. He was capable of pulling away in order to get his first ever win. chickenguy02 finished 2nd in front of his title rival FlipFlip1. FGRacing0610 was able to hold off his rivals FLAECKI67 (5th), alfotron (6th), f-stracke27 (7th) and diemann (8th) after a superb battle! This was XHugMeX‘s first ever win! 

Sprint Race: 
noogit led the way for the first half of the race before dropping down to ninth. FlipFlip1 was able to get through the traffic cleanly in order to get another win. Before that he had to pass f-stracke27 and alfotron who both had a great battle for 2nd. FGRacing0610 finished 4th in front of both BMW drivers who didn‘t manage to pass him in the closing stages. The point standings leader chickenguy02 caused an accident in the first lap that‘s why he didn’t get any points in the sprint race. FlipFlip1 is now only 6 points behind his rival in the championship standings!

The Nordschleife delivers once again!

Main race: 
During the 2-lap Qualifying Shootout diemann was able to secure his first pole position of his career with a laptime of 8.01,9. Unfortunately the start was a disaster for both drivers on the front row. Diemann had too much wheelspin while FGRacing0610‘s revs dropped massively in 1st gear. FlipFlip1 took advantage of that and went from 3rd on the grid to first. What followed was one of the most spectacular duels this championship has ever seen. Side by side at 280 kph through tight sections was a common thing during the main race. On the 3rd lap both leaders spun due to their tires which were pretty worn out at that point. F-Stracke27 took the lead with FGRacing0610 in 2nd, XHugMeX in 3rd and FlipFlip1 in 4th. After all of them stopped XHugMeX overtook FGRacing0610 in the pits, but the german was able to repass him later on during lap 4. In the final lap f-stracke27 tried his best to gap his rival before the long straight. A spin at the mini carrousel ruined the chances of XHugMeX who was running 3rd. On the long straight the Nissan used all of his power plus the slipstream of the Mercedes driver but it wasn‘t enough. The gap went down from 1.9s to 0.2s and f-stracke27 eventually won his 3rd race of the season in front of FGRacing0610, XHugMeX and FlipFlip1. 

Sprint race: 
Starting up front helped noogit a lot since he was able to pull away from the others at the beginning of the sprint race. After a few little incidents FGRacing0610, diemann, barkx and FlipFlip1 were closing in after running three wide on the long straight. In the penultimate lap both diemann and FGRacing0610 were able to get by noogit in the Viper. Diemann was capable of passing his Nissan rival in one of the most dangerous corners on the entire track. Before the long straight he was able to gap his competitor by 2.2s but the Nissan once again used all of his power and closed in. FGRacing0610 did the crossover but diemann got loose and hit his rival. The M6 driver was fair enough to let him back by. After a 13-race winless streak FGRacing0610 was finally able to get back to victory lane in front of XHugMeX, noogit, diemann, FlipFlip1 and f-stracke27.